Instituto de Urología Robótica y Laparoscópica
Welcome to the Instituto de Urología Robótica y Laparoscópica, which headquarters are located at Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. It is our pleasure to provide to you all the information about our career, starts, work and goals. All of them have made of our Institute a pioneer in numerous minimally invasive procedures in the field of the Urology not only in Mexico, but also in Latin America.
Our objective has always been the same one: the best care.

Since the year we started operating, 2000, we stand out for leading the Endourology and Percutaneous Surgery. At present we carry out more than 400 procedures on this field, annually. Later on, during the year 2004, we ventured into the Laparoscopy where we have gained experience with 1600 solved cases, approximately. Since 2006 we are the only center in Mexico and one of the few ones in Latin America that offers Robotic Surgery services. The HIFU was added to our therapeutic arsenal since 2008. We organize and carry out courses annually, to share knowledge and experience achieved by the Institute on the mentioned areas. Also we feel committed with the education, therefore we offer Diplomas in Laparoscopy and rotations to residents of Urology.
All the staff working in the Institute shares the spirit of service to the patient, the spirits of innovation and education, towards our patients and doctors.

Monterrey Nuevo León México
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