¿Qué es la cirugía robótica?
Robotic surgery
The Instituto de Urologia Robótica y Laparoscópica carries out robotic surgeries provided by the Da Vinci surgical system.

The Da Vinci System consists of two main components: the surgeon's console and the car-patient. The surgeon sits down on the console that works by means of the manipulation of the controls. The car-patient consists of four robotic arms, to which are connected a wide range of surgical instruments

One of the big advantages of the system is that the instruments have a tremendous movement range, using instruments EndoWrist ®, that are designed with seven movement degrees which imitate all the movements of the man's hand and wrist. The system essentially eliminates the trembling, and it maximizes the skill, the precision and the control. This is particularly advantageous in the urologic oncology, where the fine movements are necessary to preserve the delicate neurovascular bundles, and to reconstruct the urinary tract to assure the continence. This advanced technology allows the movements of the surgeon's hand to be filter and they are translated in real time, in the precise movements of the instruments inside the patient.

Another unique aspect of the robotic surgery is the InSite system of vision, which allows the surgeon in the console to have three dimensions (3-D) of the vision. The 3-D endoscope and the equipment of image processing offers a faithful vision of the surgical field which helps much more the surgeon when performing delicate maneuvers, such as the nerves preservation during the prostatectomy and cystectomy.

The robotic surgery is carried out by means of several small incisions, each one of 1 size cm. For most of the patients, the robotic surgery through these small incisions offers less pain, a shorter recovery and, although irrelevant for some patients, it is also aesthetic. The robotic surgery also has the following advantages: lowest blood loss and lowest need of blood transfusion, especially during the prostate and bladder cancer surgery. With each surgery we carry out, our objective is the trifecta, which we commented before.

Cirugía robótica Cirugía robótica
Cirugía robótica Cirugía robótica

Surgeries that can be carried out with the Da Vinci system:

Simple and radical prostatectomy   Colposacropexy
Simple and radical cystectomy   Cystocele repair
Radical, simple and partial Nephrectomy
Pyeloplasty   Ureteral reimplant
Pielolitotomy   Ureterectomy
Retroperitoneal linfadenectomy   “Hidden” testicle resection
Renal cysts resection   Vasectomy reversal

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